Barry was born in Enfield North London,way back in 1952. An ordinary family life with both parents working, living in a rented “2 up 2 down”. He attended St Andrews Primary and Junior schools moving onto Enfield Grammar. He first played “serious” guitar at 13 years old and formed a “school band” which performed at special occasions at school and progressed to playing some local social/tennis clubs. He was greatly inspired by the Shadows, until the Beatles came along shortly after which increased his interests in guitar music and harmony vocals.

Barry was an accomplished footballer and cricketer and was offered an apprenticeship with Tottenham Hotspur whilst playing for his school team and Enfield Town. He was captain of the Middlesex School Boys cricket team and generally loved both sports along with swimming, high board diving and gymnastics.

However, his Father (Eric) was keen on him to learn a trade, and it was decided that Barry would try for an apprenticeship at Thorn EMI as a trainee TV engineer. This was achieved and spent the next few years on a degree “sandwich” course to obtain a BSc in electronic engineering, whilst playing in as many bands as possible, and would often skip off lectures to travel to London to play a gig that night.

He played with many soon to become famous, or “nearly” famous, musicians throughout his early days and struck lucky when his good friend opened a recording studio in Wembley and asked him to be the resident “session” guitarist which he accepted. Here he met and played for established artists, too many to mention, and was often asked to play in their bands on tour.

After a long and interesting career he decided to retire at 55 which turned out not to be a very wise decision as he needed to keep playing as once a musician, always a musician.

He is now back with some very interesting projects on offer, and, to have his own website constructed, which has more detailed information about all aspects of Barry’s music, concerts and much more.
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I have a comprehensive library of backing tracks primarily for the guitarist / vocalist for purchase, please see the list of tracks available under each act heading. These are top quality sound tracks, either constructed by myself in my recording studio, or pre recorded that have been enhanced with extra EQ and effects or backing vocals or whatever is needed to make the track that extra bit special. These tracks are available to purchase, however, if your required tracks are not in the list, please message me with your requirements. Alternatively, if you already have the backing track but need extra EQ, effects or instruments, you can send them to me for this extra work. (prices vary depending on the amount of work required).


Barry entertained a packed house, a good time had by all of the estimated 120 people. Barry put on a fantastic performance of blues and rock and a wide variety of styles to please everyone.

“The band “Snakebite” with frontman, guitarist, singer, Barry Stewart, Brought a refreshing new concept in music to the venue, with a blend of songs from more obscure rock bands like Wishbone Ash, Muse, Focus and many more, creating a more interesting mix for the over 200 audience. These songs provided the prefect platform for Barry to show his unquestionable guitar skills, inspiring the many wannabe guitarists in the audience, showing such skills that many can only dream of “ .

We have seen Barry on numerous occasions and are mesmerized by his unequaled guitar skills. His versatility is amazing, from easy listening, to popular sing along’s, and rock anthems such as “Bohemian Rhapsody”. His crowd skills are great and stories behind the session musician scene’s are very interesting and amusing ! a brilliant evenings entertainment and one will will continue to attend whenever possible.